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Ms. Wich's Art Room

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Kindergarten Finger painting  
of Claude  Monet's 
"Bridge Over Lily Pond"



   Hello and welcome to a great year!

    My name is Miss Wich and I am the Art teacher at School #10. I also travel to School #7, so I teach a lot of children Art. I have been an Elementary Art Teacher for ten years and not only do I love teaching my students about art, but I also enjoy learning from them!

     I am very excited to teach all of my students about different Art techniques, processes and famous artists. At each grade level, the projects are different but the students learn many important factors. I tell my students all the time, that Art is not just Art. There are so many other subjects that can enhance an Art lesson. From learning a different culture in Social Studies to Reading and Writing about art or artists, students are exposed to a lot of integration.

     Another important thing I tell my students is that there "are no mistakes in Art! If you think you made a mistake, there is always a way to fix it." So many times in life children are made to feel that there has to be a right or wrong answer. Art is one of those wonderful subjects where there is no right or wrong, only the creative way. I encourage my students to always try their best and with anything in life, a little practice goes a long way. Remember, everyone has their own way or style of doing things and Art is no exception. Artwork doesn't have to look perfect. Having a positive attitude, self-worth and imagination is what really matters the most.


Grade 5 is going to the Museum of Modern Art June 5th!




 Students will learn about the Elements of Art throughout the year. The Elements (Line, Shape, Color, Form, Value, Texture and Space) help guide all art projects. Each grade level is working on a different type of “element” project. Master artists are being incorporated into some of the projects. 


Our annual fundraiser is “Display My Art” and the children each create an original drawing, which  gets turned into a keepsake item. Your child’s artwork will be created in school and once completed it will be sent in to the Display My Art company. The company will place the drawing on a complementary magnet so you are able to see what your child has created. An order form will be included that will show all of the products that your child’s artwork can be placed on. The products include (but not limited to) key chains, t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, cards, stickers, mugs, etc. There is also a new feature to our fundraiser this year…. ONLINE ORDERING. With this feature, you can view your child’s artwork on ALL the products and have the option to buy online.                       

The school will obtain a percentage of the orders placed, which will enable us to pay for various trips, assemblies and special events that take place during the year. In addition, showcasing each student’s artwork on a keepsake item helps build a child’s self-esteem and inspires their creative abilities.

Please visit www.displaymyart.com for more information about this great fundraiser. You are able to order anytime during the year so I look forward to your continued support!


The students are always starting, working on and completing projects at various times. Check back to see what they are working on next!  You may also visit our gallery to see some of our wonderful artworks!

                                             Thank You!

                                              Miss Wich