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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Welcome to our website. You will find all the information for what we are doing in class. Continue to check weekly to see what we are learning and what is for homework.

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Reading/Language Arts


We use the Scott Foresman Reading Street Series. This series incorporates math, science, and social studies into our weekly reading lessons. There is whole group and small group instruction each day.

Week of September 29th

Story: Plaidypus Lost

Comprehension: Sequence

Phonological Awareness: Beginning Sounds

Letters: Name letters Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss

Sight words: the, little














Sight Words


We will be learning lots of words throughout the year. Please practice reading and writing the words at home.

Words we should be able to read: I, am, the, little










We are learning how to sort objects by color, shape, and size. Practice sorting objects around the house.






What is going on in the classroom?


Our field trip to the farm is October 2nd.








Skills to practice

These are some skills that would be good to practice with your child:

Writing their first and last names, neatly on the lines

Writing and identifying numbers 1-20

Counting to 100

Knowing left from right

Reciting their name, address, phone number, and birthday

Trying their shoe


















These are some good website to help reinforce skills learned in the classroom.


 Spelling City























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