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Dear Roosevelt School #7 Families:

School is not just a building, it is much more.  Spend just a few minutes in Roosevelt School #7, and you will see that we have something very special.  We have extremely dedicated and caring staff members and wonderful students who work hard to excel on a daily basis. 

Fifth graders, it is now time to create a new chapter in your life.  As you enter Middle School, remember all the accomplishments you have achieved and set your goals to achieve more.  Throughout your years at Roosevelt School #7, it was our privilege to help you grow into intelligent, compassionate and responsible citizens. 

As this school year comes to a close, it is a very special year for me.  I entered Roosevelt School #7 as the principal and became part of your children's lives.  Our year was full with exciting projects, assemblies and learning.  We learned to become a buddy and not a bully. When you leave this year understanding that learning is an adventure that you should embark on every day, enjoy your summer reading.  Open a book and jump into an adventure. Have a great summer!


Mrs. Jennifer Alfonso

Principal, Roosevelt School #7



Principal's Email: jalfonso@gboe.org