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Teacher Directory


Looking for a teacher?? Click on the links below for the teacher's e-mail address, webpage and homework page.
**Please note that the e-mail link will open in Microsoft Outlook.  If you do not have Outlook set up for your e-mail, then copy and paste the address where you would normally compose a new e-mail.



       Ms. C. Buchichio (website / hw page)
       Mrs. A. Gallo (website / hw page)
       Mrs. J. Nunez (website / hw page)

Grade 1

      Mrs. G. Cymerman (website / hw page)
      Mrs. D. Mouser (website / hw page)
      Mrs. R. Ruland (website / hw page)

Grade 2

      Mrs. K. Marsh (website / hw page)
Mrs. E. Cote  (website / hw page)
      Mrs. J. LaDuca (website / hw page)


Grade 3

      Ms. A. Halter (website / hw page)
      Mrs. R. Hawroniak (website / hw page)
Mrs. J. Shaw (Walis) (website / hw page)


Grade 4

      Mrs. B. Denistran (website / hw page)
      Mrs. D. Faga (website / hw page)
Ms. J. Powers (website / hw page)

Grade 5

      Mrs. D. Brunner (website / hw page)
Mrs. J. Kovach (website / hw page)


      Ms. S. Wich



      Mrs. J. Malave


      Mr. Wilson (Instrumental)
Ms. M. Sherbert


Physical Education

Ms. J. Valenti

Reading Specialist

      Mrs. D. Biasucci

Basic Skills

      Ms. S. Cerracchio
      Ms. J. Luterzo


      Mrs. H. Bedwinek

Resource Room

       Ms. J. Delahanty (website / hw page)
        Mrs. K. Naftalis
       Mrs. I. Murley


      Mrs. S. Granquist