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          Our state of the art Computer Lab is fully equipped with 32 Hewlett Packard PC's.  The Computer Lab also is home to a SMART BOARDA SMART BOARD is an interactive whiteboard that turns your computer and projector into a powerful tool for teaching, collaborating and presenting.  In addition, we have a innovative LCD projector that allows lessons to be displayed to the students.  In addition we have two Color LaserJet Printers. Lastly, our Computer Lab is also home to 10 IPads which all the students in the school share. Teachers are welcome to sign out the Ipads to use for various lessons in their classrooms. Teachers also have access to 24 laptops that are stored on a mobile cart in a designated classroom.

           The students work hard in the Computer Lab! The students have the opportunity to use the SMART BOARD during various classroom activities.  The students primarily work in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Paint.  The students create electronic slide shows in Microsoft PowerPoint, which will aid them in delivering oral presentations from the SMART BOARD.  Students save all of their completed files to their own computer.

          The students have been enhancing their keyboarding skills by using programs such as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 18. We also visit various websites to improve our keyboarding and typing skills. Please feel free to visit these websites at home to practice keyboarding skills. Click on any of the links below to engage in fun typing activities and become familiar with the home row.

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