District Mission and Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
The educational community of Garfield believes that the ultimate goal of each school is to provide intellectual experiences within the context of a multi-cultural setting. This environment will enable each student to achieve their maximum potential. Each school shall seek to assist every student in the development of social skills and moral attitudes needed to successfully meet the challenges of a complex, dynamic, and everchanging world. Each school shall continue to cultivate an appreciation of cultural and aesthetic values so that each student can make choices indicative of a knowledgeable and contributing member of a democratic society. To fulfill this role, the district is committed to creating a flexible educational environment addressing the individualities and potentialities of each student. The staff will endeavor to complete the development of a thinking, tolerant person, well prepared to meet the challenges of school and the life they choose to encounter.
Garfield Public Schools will Encourage, Inspire, and Support every individual to achieve in a climate where everyone feels safe, respected and valued for their contributions. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality education that celebrates our diversity by fostering equity and resilience to nurture productive citizens, strong leaders, and life-long learners. It is recognized that this vision is only possible through collaboration with home, school, and community.
Educational Philosophy
The Garfield School District shall strive to offer the highest quality of education, designed to provide a level of excellence that will enable all students to realize their intellectual and personal goals. This process shall entail the search for truth and a respect for scholarship and learning. The district shall offer an environment that values cultural diversity and respects individual differences with no tolerance for bigotry. The district is committed to the development of a partnership in education; integrating the interests of students, parents, staff and community leaders. This educational process shall develop responsible young people who are capable of effective and meaningful career decisions.


To develop an environment which addresses each student's unique nature and learning ability.

To provide the most effective way of delivering quality education to enable each student to achieve their fullest potential.

To develop a learning environment which is accepting of and has appreciation for the cultural diversity of students, staff, and community.

To encourage creative expression and the recognition of communicative, practical, and aesthetic arts.

To provide opportunities for the development of each student's character, sense of self-worth, respect for authority, and knowledge of their mental, physical, and emotional health.

To develop an opportunity for the application of ever-changing technology.
To encourage staff members to utilize opportunities for keeping abreast of new trends in education.

To develop an environment which addresses each student's unique nature and learning ability.


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