Title I/Basic Skills

Title I Basic Skills Improvement Program (BSIP)


The Garfield Board of Education recognizes that the discharge of its responsibility to provide a thorough and efficient system of education for each child in the district may require special help to some students beyond the regular classroom program. The Garfield Board of Education shall be responsible for such preventative and remedial programs, defined herein as Basic Skills Improvement Programs. The district shall comply with all state and federal requirements in developing, implementing, administering, and evaluating funded compensatory education programs.

Such Basic Skills Improvement services and activities shall be designed to improve the level of proficiency in Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics skills of pupils who meet the criteria based on:

* Assessment of pupil attainments as per Board policy

* Evaluation procedures that measure pupil achievements related to remedial educational program objectives and standards.

Parents/guardians of public and private schools shall be kept informed of their children’s progress and shall be invited to consult with staff on ways to give their child the maximum benefits of such programs.

The Garfield Board of Education has a district Parent and Family Engagement policy to guarantee the consultation requirement. At least once annually, a public meeting shall be held for the express purpose of informing parents/guardians of the programs and activities provided with Title I funds. Parents will be informed of the Title I regulations at each school's Back to School Night. The district policy will be distributed to parents of participating Title I children, to the extent possible, in a language the parents understand. Additionally, the Federal Programs Supervisor is available to speak to, or meet with, any parent, by appointment, who has questions or concerns regarding their child's education.

Informing parents/guardians of their right to consult in the design and implementation of the Title I project within constraints of the law

2. Providing parents/guardians with information about the Title I laws

3. Soliciting parent/guardian input about Basic Skills Improvement programs and related activities

4. Providing parents/guardians an opportunity to establish mechanisms maintaining on-going communication among parents/guardians, and the Board of Education.

Garfield School District Parental Involvement Policy: Garfield School District Parental Involvement Policy

Garfield School District Parent School Compact:

Needs to be personalized for every school receiving Title I Funds
English: Garfield School District Parent School Compact - English
Spanish: Garfield School District Parent School Compact - Spanish

Garfield School District Sample Policy and Compact

Sample can be used to structure new compact or update existing compact for new school year. Sample: Sample Compact and Contract

Garfield School District Parent’s Right to Know Letter:
English: Garfield School District Parent's Right to Know - English
Spanish: Garfield School District Parent's Right to Know - Spanish

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