Program Policies

Student Expectations

1. Students must maintain a minimum of an "MS" Meeting Standards in all core subject areas which are Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Art, Technology as well as the Work Study Skills.  If a student receives an "AS" Approaching Standards in any core subject areas or Work Study Skills areas, the student will be placed on suspension from the program for a period of four weeks.  This will give the student a chance to make improvements in their classes. 

2. All homeroom class and homework assignments that are missed during G&T instruction must be completed.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain the assignments from their teachers.  The student must make time to speak to their teachers about what was missed and what needs to be made up.  Assignments need to be made up in a time frame given by their teachers.

3. All general curriculum assignments in the regular classrooms must be up-to-date and in good standing. 

4. Students must maintain appropriate behaviors in their home school, homeroom class, gifted class, and on the school bus.  Students must be respectful to their teachers and their classmates. If a child in the program is involved in a school incident and receives disciplinary action as a result of the incident or investigation,  the student will serve a suspension period from the gifted class.  Ms. DeWitt will check in with the homeroom teacher and principal to see if improvements in behavior have been made before the next scheduled gifted class.  If improvements were made, the student will return to the gifted classes.  If there are no improvements made, the student shall continue to pause from attending the gifted class until they make such improvements.  This is necessary to give the student time to concentrate and improve on their conduct in the homeroom class as well as the school.  

5. Students must complete all of the gifted projects and assignments in a timely manner and put forth their best efforts.

Classroom Expectations

1. Respectfully utilize the classroom resources and return all materials at the end of class in an orderly manner.

2. Collaborate respectfully with their peers.

3. Persevere during problem-based learning.

4. Remain on-task throughout the class.

5. Participate in all areas of the class.

Disciplinary Actions

1. Missing assignments or a decline in grades in the general curriculum may require a temporary four-week pause in gifted instruction.  This is
necessary to give the student time to concentrate and improve on their assignments in the general curriculum classroom.  

2. Student suspensions will be reviewed after the four-week period.  Ms. DeWitt will meet with the homeroom teacher and/or principal of the student to see if improvements were made by the student.  A decision will be made on whether or not the student will continue in the gifted program.  The parent will be notified of the decision.

3. A grade of "NS" Needs Support in the general curriculum will result in the immediate discontinuation of gifted services. 

Updated September 2022

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