Safety Protocols




Schools and districts must allow social distancing to the maximum extent possible. Face coverings will always be required, and the use of shared objects will be kept to a minimum.  


  • Social Distancing will be enforced to the greatest extent possible. Extra furniture has been removed from classrooms to create extra space wherever possible. 

  • Signage and markers will be placed on floors, in corridors, near restrooms and through other key areas of school buildings to aid in maintaining social distancing. 

  • Students will be assigned staggered entrance and exit times when applicable and multiple doors will be used for entering and exiting the schools. 

  • Staff, Students and Visitors MUST always wear masks. 

  • The Garfield District will provide each staff member and student a cloth, washable, and a Boilermaker mask.  Masks with political and social messages will be banned, however, staff and students can wear any appropriate mask/face covering of choice.  

  • Accommodation regarding masks/face coverings will be made if possible, for individuals with medical conditions.  

  • Additional PPE, such as N95 masks, disposable gloves, and face shields will be provided to staff as needed. 

  • Teachers and staff desks will be surrounded by a Plexiglass barrier to ensure distance and safety while assisting students in proximity. 

  • Temperatures of staff and students will be taken upon entry to the schools and visual screening will take place. 

  • Every school will have an isolation room for the sole purpose of keeping a sick individual separate and apart from others. 

  • Staff and students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher or anyone presenting symptoms related to a virus will be placed in the isolation room. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in every classroom and instructional room as well as offices in every school. 

  • Schedules will include designated times for hand washing and sanitizing. 

  • Communications and meetings with parents should be held remotely when possible; no visitors will be permitted to the buildings without a previously scheduled appointment. 

  • Use of shared objects will be limited and disinfected between use. 

  • Windows will be kept open to the greatest possible extent (weather permitting) 

  • Bathroom schedules will be arranged for each class to include limited usage and cleaning of bathrooms. 

  • Middle School and High School will have a staff member monitoring the bathrooms to ensure that they are not overcrowded at any time. 

Symptom Response - Procedures for staff and students presenting symptoms: 

  • 1.Detain staff member/student in designated isolation room  

  • 2. School Nurse will conduct an assessment and document symptoms: temperature above 100.4 degrees, fever chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s): \, cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing. 


  • 3.Individual with symptoms is sent home immediately and Garfield Health Department is contacted. 

  • 4.  Covid test is taken to determine positive or negative results. 

  • 5If the results are positive, the individual must remain home for a minimum of 10 days and cannot return to work until the following conditions are met: 

There is resolution of fever, without use of fever reducing medication for at least 24 hours.  

  • There is complete Improvement in respiratory and all constitutional symptoms. 

  • A doctor’s note is required upon return to school.   

  • If initial results are negative, individuals must remain home until fever free for at least 24 hours and no symptoms of Covid-19 are presented and a doctor’s note is required.  




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