What are Vapes?

What are vapes (e-cigarettes)?

Vapes (also known as e-cigarettes) are small electronic battery-powered devices that are filled with liquids that contain nicotine and other dangerous chemicals.

How vaping affects the body:

According to medical experts, vapes have proven to cause several health issues such as:

· Irreversible lung damage

· Delayed brain development: difficulty concentrating and learning

· Leads to nicotine addiction and other addictive drugs

· Can lead to mood disorders

· Other long-term unknown health issues: medical researchers are still studying the impacts vapes have on teens today.


Instead of vaping, there are healthier ways to take control of your health and wellness:

1. Get plenty of sleep

2. Eat healthier meals

3. Stay active and exercise frequently

4. Get involved in clubs or activities

5. Spend quality time with family and friends

For more information, resources, and facts regarding vaping please visit Vaping: What You Need to Know and The Real Cost.

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