Required Online Trainings

Required On-line Trainings

On-line Tutorial Title


Mandated Reporting Training – Child Abuse Certification Tutorial,

go to:


Est. 60 min.

(Print out Copy of Certification upon completion of each module)





Log-in works the same as last year


* Alcohol, Tobacco & Drug Awareness--NJ

8 min.

*Alcohol & Drug Awareness for Employees

(only certified staff - teachers, nurses, counselors, administrators, etc.)

12 min.

*Affirmative Action

24 min.

Asthma Tutorial

(only certified staff - teachers, nurses, counselors, administrators, etc.)

18 min.


*Homeless Students

24 min.


*Blood Borne Pathogens

20 min.


*Suicide Prevention Video (2 Hour)

120 min. (2 hours)

*Intervention and Referral Services -- NJ Tutorial

(only teachers, administration, counselors, social workers)

13 min.

*Domestic & Sexual Violence

20 min.

*Reading Disabilities/ Dyslexia

(Gen. Ed. teachers K-3; ALL Special Ed. Teachers; ALL Bilingual Teachers; ALL ESL Teachers; ALL Reading Specialists; ALL LDTC's; All Principals; ELA Supervisors; Special Ed. Supervisors)

120 min.

*Sexual Harassment

22 min.

*School Safety -NJ

(info. should be turn-keyed to parent members of School Safety teams)

31 min.

* Student to Student Hazing and Harassment

26 min.

On-line Tutorial Title

Directions –DUE BY OCTOBER 30TH

*HIB Refresher

Includes: prevention, intervention, policies, procedures, initiatives along with Code of Conduct

Also, SSDS system for reporting violence, vandalism, alcohol and other drug abuse


Anti-Bullying Tab on District Site,click onTraining, choose folder that applies to you, click Required Yearly Training, click HIB Refresher & Protocol Training or if you are custodian/maintenance or security click on that training. New Employees, go to New Staff Folder & complete New Staff Members Training

* Needs to be completed by all staff, teachers, aides, administration, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, counselors, social workers, case workers, interns, volunteers, etc.

  • There are many other useful online tutorials on the GCN site, which can be assigned directly by a building administrator/ supervisor
  • Staff can also voluntarily log onto any webinar to earn PD hours
  • Copies of certificates should be printed out for submission to principal/supervisor & kept on file
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